Ethyl acetate

Ethyl acetate — an organic compound, ethyl ether of acetic acid, is a volatile mobile transparent liquid. It is obtained by esterification of ethyl alcohol with acetic acid.

It is produced on the base of the plant of JSC "Ferganaazot" - ethyl acetate of brand A (top grade).

• as a solvent of cellulose, acetyl -, nitrocellulose, polyurethane, waxes, fats, nitrates, epoxy paints, lacquers, enamels;
• as a solvent of pigments and film-forming agents in the paint and varnish industry;
• for degreasing thin sheets of aluminum and aluminum foil;
• as a solvent in the manufacture of artificial leather;
• in the chemical industry in the synthesis of ethyl ether of acetoacetic acid;
• in the production of composite adhesives;
• in the pharmaceutical industry during the production of certain medicines;
• for the preparation of ink for the application of stencil inscriptions and drawings on flexible packaging;
• for the manufacture of products made of rubber, cellophane, photo and films.

To purchase ethyl acetate produced by JSC "Ferganaazot", please contact:
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