DAP (Delivered At Point) is a trade term of the international rules of Incoterms 2020, meaning that the seller is considered to have fulfilled its delivery obligations when it has provided the buyer with goods released under the customs regime of export and ready for unloading from a vehicle that has arrived at the specified destination.

Obligations of the seller:
- payment of expenses and freight required for delivery of the goods to the specified destination;
- export customs clearance for the export of goods with payment of export duties and other fees in the country of departure;
- delivery of the goods to the place specified by the buyer.

The DAP price means that the contract price for the product includes the sum of the cost of the product itself, the export customs clearance of this product with payment of export duties and other fees, and the cost of delivery to the specified destination.

The term DAP can be used for the carriage of goods by any mode of transport, including multimodal transport.

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